Sharing stories to inspire action and build communities of belonging.

Luis Ortega is a TEDx Speaker, artist, social impact consultant, and the director and founder of Storytellers for Change. Over the last thirteen years, Luis has traveled across the nation to share his personal narrative and message about the power of story-telling and story-listening to inspire action and build more empathetic, inclusive, and equitable communities.

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Luis is known as a powerful storyteller for his ability to deliver a heartfelt message while inviting audiences to reflect on how the stories we tell (and the stories we don't) shape our personal journeys and communities. Luis' call to action is to be empathy-first and to make a commitment to truly listen to each other. This is what allows us to build more inclusive environments where everyone's story can be heard. 


School Assemblies 

Luis' Storytellers for Change presentation for school assemblies highlight why each one of us has the power to make a difference with our personal narratives to promote compassion, inclusion, service, social justice, and belonging.  



Luis' message is ideal for student and educator conferences looking for a powerful keynote to highlight the power of stories and empathy to promote equity and inclusion. Luis has shared this message at over 100 conferences across Washington and the nation. 

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Retreats & More

Luis has also shared his message at business retreats, leadership conferences, and community events. Luis speaks about why and how an empathy-first approach helps leaders and organizations to build more inclusive and equitable environments.