We believe each and every person, community, and organization has a story with the power to inspire action. We design and facilitate trainings for youth, educators, and organizations to learn how and why storytelling and story-listening can help them to promote empathy, inclusion, and social change across their schools, organizations, and communities.


Your Story Can Make A Difference

Storytellers for Change offers engaging and powerful workshops for three key audiences: youth, educators, and organizations. All our trainings are grounded on an empathy-first approach and employ storytelling, experiential learning, and design thinking to engage, empower, and equip people and organizations with the tools they need to harness the power of narrative. 

For Youth 

These workshops create an engaging and empowering space for young people to explore the power of their stories to shape their own journeys as well as surrounding communities. Youth practice various storytelling formats while reflecting on the many ways they can make a difference in the world.


For Educators 

We offer professional development sessions for educators and staff to harness the power of storytelling to promote inclusion, facilitate dialogues, engage student voice and action, and develop culturally responsive family and community engagement strategies, among other topics.

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For Organizations

We provide organizations with storytelling trainings to discover, craft, and share powerful and inspiring narratives. All workshops can be adapted to address other topics, such as leadership development, equity and inclusion (DEAI), participatory engagement, and team building.