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Validation can make leaders.

I recently had the opportunity to interview various student leaders from the University of Washington. Each one of these student leaders talked to me about their leadership philosophies and experiences. Some of them told me they had been leaders since elementary while others talked about discovering their leadership potential in college.

As I was conducting these interviews I began to notice some trends. Despite each student's unique leadership style and outlook there was something that all of them shared in common: they had all been validated. At some point in their trajectories some else, a teacher, friend or mentor, had told they had the potential to be leaders.

Check this video out! Validated 

That's what it takes to feel like a leader - for someone to recognize your potential and validate you. After that point, your actions will determine the outcome of your leadership journey.

Validate someone today - recognize their potential, validate them and be there to support their leadership growth. Unleash a world of possibility for them. All it takes is validation.