What inspires you?

The answers are endless. Throughout human history, inspiration has been the source of innovation, success and change. Inspiration has also been the birthplace and driving force of leadership.

I often speak about my personal experience and how inspiration made a difference in my academic performance. When I talk to students and I tell them I learned English in six months and graduated from high school in three years with a 3.9 GPA, I often hear the same answer: “You are really smart!”

In reality, it wasn’t about being smart. As a matter of fact, I don’t consider myself particularly “smart” or “talented.” Instead, I think of myself as a highly motivated individual – I have inspiration.

I define inspiration as the energy that provides us with high levels of feeling or activity. This energy can be found in family, stories, future goals, and social causes as well as in many other places. Once we find this energy we can use it to produce amazing results.

I found energy in my mother's hard work and sacrifice to give me a better future.  Beyond having this source of inspiration, I understood how to channel it into my studies by following a simple minset formula.

I want + I believe = I will

I want good grades + I believe I can do it = I will get good grades

I didn’t get good grades in high school because I was “smart,” but because I believed that I could accomplish it and I allowed my inspiration to give me the energy to never give up.

Be inspired, channel your energy and go the extra mile - I guarantee you will find success.