Once you engage in the design thinking process, you quickly realize the endless applications and potential for positive impact.

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I see design thinking as the ability to:

  1. Connect and Imagine, to...
  2. Create and Innovate, for…
  3. Positive Collective Impact.

This can be everything and anything we do. I use design thinking to plan my leadership workshops, vacations and mentorship strategies.  I also used it to create my job.

When I founded Power to Define, I followed these three steps:

1.     Connect & Imagine - I wrote down a list of all the people and experiences I loved and began to imagine how could I do more to effect a positive impact in them.

2.     Create & Innovate - I found the connection between all my passions and began to create an initiative around it; furthermore, I figured out how I could build a life-style around this initiative.

3.     Positive Collective Impact - I created a connection-tree and identified a group of people, schools and organizations I could immediately support with my work.

Three years later, Power to Define has taken me to over one hundred schools and given me the opportunity to facilitate leadership trainings in Washington, California and New York. But more importantly, I love my work because I get to lead a healthy lifestyle while serving others and having an impact in education.

Empathy, creativity and our positive impact in the world are all accomplished through continuously engaging in design thinking.  

This is why I know design thinking can play a tremendous role in student leadership. It is about service, kindness, critical thinking, reflection, experiential learning and much more.

Let’s get ready to imagine, innovate, and impact!

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