Are you a leadership designer?

It is amazing to see how many people, especially students, are continuously engaging in creative processes to generate leadership opportunities for themselves and others and yet they are not aware of it.

Consider the following questions:

1.     Have you ever thought about how to make an activity or game more inclusive?

2.     Do you come up with different approaches to solving a problem?

3.     Do you envision improvements for your learning environments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are already engaging in the leadership design process.

At Power to Define we proudly call our selves leadership designers. Over the years, we have created a leadership design process to blend learning elements, approaches and activities to generate fun, engaging and transformational experiences for students, educators and organizations. At the center of our work, we are continuously using design thinking to create our workshops, multi-day programs or community engagement initiatives. 

Here’s a quick leadership design challenge:

How can you use a deck of cards to create a leadership activity to teach the importance of teamwork, critical thinking and goal setting to a group of 8th graders?

I recently did a workshop where 8th grades students created ten different leadership games to teach the concepts described above and introduced algebra concepts at the same time. So I invite you to take on the same challenge!

Begin designing and post your answers bellow!

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