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Teach to Unleash Creativity

How do you unleash creativity?

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About a couple of months ago I had a stimulating conversation about student leadership with a group of teachers at a coffee shop in San Francisco. Our conversation encompassed discussing summer camps, experiential learning and student organizations, but above all, we were discussing some of the most incredibly creative student leadership projects we had encountered at our schools. 

Then, suddenly, a teacher posed a question: how do you teach your students to be creative?

I replied: "I don't teach creativity, I unleash it."

I went on to describe how you can use design thinking to facilitate a mental process to engage students in unleashing their creative power. So here is my quick breakdown of the design thinking process for student leadership:

1.     Discover & Identify – What strengths & opportunities can I build on?

2.     Understand & Define – What can I learn? How do I improve it?

3.     Create & Engage – What do I create? How do I work with others?

4.     Take Action – How do I build it?

5.     Evolve & Support – What did I learn? How do I improve? How can I help others?

6.     Transform – What new strengths and opportunities did I create? How do I share them with others?

Each one of these steps is an amazing leadership adventure and all together a herculean journey into the amazing world of student leadership and creativity.

The opportunities are truly endless.

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