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Change the Narrative - School Assemblies

Thank you for booking a Storytellers for Change school assembly! Luis and our team is looking forward to working with your school community to plan an empowering and engaging presentation. Please complete the information bellow to finalize booking your assembly. Once you complete this form, our team will be in touch with you to provide you with all the information and resources you need to plan a successful Storytellers for Change school assembly.

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All school assemblies include the option to add a pre or post assembly workshop at no additional cost. Workshops provide students and/or school staff with storytelling tools to build a more empathetic, inclusive, and equitable school culture. Workshops can also help a group of students to prepare short (1-2 minutes) stories that can be shared as part of the assembly or as a follow-up activity. If you want to schedule a workshop, we'll follow up with you to provide more information and our Workshop Toolkit.
A specific theme, recognition, specific messages and/or celebrations? We love to customize our school assemblies so they will be more relevant and resonant for each school community.