Exploring the Narratives of First Generation High School & College Graduates

What does it mean to be the first one in your family to reach an unprecedented educational milestone? This question is at the center of the first Storytellers for Change yearlong participatory digital storytelling and community project.

Whether you are about to become the first one in your family graduate from high school or college, you are in the process of writing a new chapter in the history of your families and communities. How did you arrive here? What challenges did you have to overcome? What values and experiences gave you the strength to persevere? What lessons can you share with others?

This September, we will welcome twelve Storytellers for Change to join us for a two-day workshop dedicated to explore these questions as we reflect on the journeys and narratives of first generation graduates. In addition, we will work with all the Storytellers throughout the 2017-2018 academic year to implement a community project dedicated to exploring the power of storytelling and story-listening. 

As part of the project, we will produce a series of digital stories that will be released as the year unfolds.

The application deadline is August 30th, 2017.

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Become a Storyteller for Change

In order to participate in the program, storytellers must meet the following criteria:

  • Reside within Washington State;
  • Be the first one in your family to graduate from high school (high school seniors on track to graduate by 2018); or
  • Be the first one in your family attending a college or university in Washington State; or
  • Be the first one in your family to have graduated from college within the last year.

Program Benefits

Storytellers accepted to participate in the program will receive:

  • $150 Participation Stipend
  • Professional Headshots Photo Shoot
  • Storytelling & Public Speaking Coaching
  • Storytellers for Change T-Shirt
  • Networking and mentorship opportunities with community leaders, entrepreneurs, and higher education professionals.

Storytellers' Commitments 

Storytellers accepted to the Academy commit to:

  • Participate in a In-Person or Phone Interview
  • Participate in Dinner & Two-Day Storytelling Workshop (Sep. 8th, 9th, & 10th);
  • Participate in Video Interviews (Sep. 9th and 10th);
  • Participate in Mid-Year Gathering (January 27th);
  • Keep a Story & Photo Journal for a year; and
  • Deliver a presentation at your former high school or middle school.